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Many schools are looking English teachers job

工作类型: 全职
薪酬 : 11-25k per month

1.Shandong Zibo primary school is looking for an female English teacher
Good pronunciation, 12K + accommodation  self -provide visa
2. 福州Fuzhou International English looking for non-native English teachers
And  providing providing English education working visa
1. At least 2 years of English teaching experience (work experience certification letter) 
2. TEFL / TESOL teacher certificate
3. Graduated from native country (Britain, America, South Africa, etc.) or English Major
3.Shanghai Children's English needs non-native English teachers urgently. Their salary is about 15-18-20k + accommodation. They meet the requirements of work visa or work visa transfer. They should arrive as soon as possible,
Good pronunciation
 1.杭州City:Hangzhou City ---Kindergarten----Native female teacher
Benefits: 23k,Can arrive before December 31,Details can be negotiated
2.杭州City:Hangzhou City ---Primary and secondary schools----Native female teacher
Benefits: 17k,working next semester
3.濮阳City: Puyang City ---training school ----Non-native speaker
Requirements: student visa or family visa
4.重庆City:Chongqing City ---Kindergarten----Native speaker
Benefits:  18-28k +accommodation +meals
5.北京City:Beijing city ---training school----Non-native speaker
Benefits:  12-15k +accommodation
6.平湖City:Pinghu City---Kindergarten----Non-native speaker
Benefits:  12-14k +accommodation
7.齐齐哈尔City:Qiqihar---training school----Native+Non-native speaker
Benefits:12-14k +accommodation(Non-native)+legal holidays
8.江门City:Jiangmen City---training school----Non-native female teacher
Benefits:12-15k +accommodation
9. 深圳City:Shenzhen---school ----Non-native speaker
Benefits:12-15k +Single apartment
10. 成都City:Chengdu---training school----Non-native female teacher
 Good accent +Can teach music ,11k+accommodation
 11.德州City:Dezhou City---training school----Non-native speaker
 Benefits:  12k +accommodation A safe city
12.徐州City: Xuzhou City ---Early education center ----Non-native speaker
Benefits:  12-13k +accommodation asap
13.湖南怀化市City:Huaihua City---training school----Non-native speaker
Benefits: Maximum salary 16K, with TEFL or TESOL,self-provided visa
14. 嘉兴City:Jiaxing---school ----Native n-native speaker asap
Non-native female English teacher ---self -provided visa
15.岳阳Yueyang--non-native 12k   淮安Huaian 绵阳Mianyang宁波Ningbo南昌Nanchang昆山Kunshan 厦门Xiamen上海Shanghai,山西大同大学shanxi datong university  these cities  need teachers  too

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